Become a
private pilot

Private Pilot Prerequisites

✈ 16 Years of Age to Solo ✈ 17 Years of Age for License ✈ Pass FAA 3rd Class Medical ✈ Understand & Speak English

Private Pilot Privileges

✈ Fly Single Engine Airplane ✈ Fly Day or Night ✈ Carry Passengers ✈ Fly in Visual Flight Rules (VFR) Conditions

Private Pilot Steps

✈ Attend a Ground School or Self Study ✈ Minimum of 40 Flight Hours ✈ Pass FAA Private Pilot Written Exam ✈ Pass the Check-ride

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Private pilot content

How to inspect the airplane prior to each flight

Taxi, takeoff, straight and level flight, turns, climbs, decent, landing and post-flight procedures

Communications and into to flight by instrument reference

Slow flight, stall recognition and recovery, spin awareness, and steep turns

Ground reference maneuvers and emergency procedures

Preparation for practicing takeoffs and landings

Touch and Go Landings

Soft field takeoffs and landings, short field takeoffs and landings, no-flap takeoffs and landings, forward slips to landings and crosswind landings

Flight planning techniques used for cross-country flight and how to obtain weather information

Make a cross country flight using dead reckoning and pilotage, open and close flight plans, request flight following and communications

Fly cross-country using radio navigation techniques. Homing and tracking using a VOR

Night flying techniques

How to initiate a diversion and what to do if you are lost

Preparation for your practical test and an introduction to the skills needed to recover from unusual flight attitudes

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