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Earning your private pilot certificate is an admirable achievement and a lifelong skill. Your license is an investment and accomplishment that you should be immensely proud of and we want to help you achieve that goal. The Private Pilot license is the most basic pilot certificate that allows you to fly most single-engine aircraft day or night under fair weather conditions. The license requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight training as well as a ground training portion. The private pilot certificate is also the jumping-off point to adding an instrument and/or commercial rating! 


You must be 17 years of age to obtain this license, and 16 years to solo. But you can start training as early as you feel comfortable.
Pass a FAA 3rd Class Medical or a Basic Med. Understand & Speak English.


Fly in Visual Flight Rule (VFR) conditions day or night in most single engine aircraft. Carry passengers!


Complete a ground school or self-study program.
Complete a minimum 40 hours of flight training (with an instructor and solo).
Pass the Private Pilot FAA Written Exam.
Pass the Private Pilot Checkride (Oral and Flight Portions)

Clear & Simple Pricing

We want you up in the air as quickly as possible. Let’s not complicate things, so we keep our pricing clear and simple. No matter what type of instruction you’re receiving, it’s all the same rate. Just add it to the aircraft rate and you know how much you’re paying per hourly lesson!

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