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Pilot's Rental Agreement

    1. Renter pilots must present a valid pilot certificate, medical certificate, and logbook when renting aircraft. If you are not 90 days current with Lake Elmo Aero, LLC you will need a re-currency ride with a Lake Elmo Aero, LLC instructor.
    2. All flights must be paid in full at the termination of each flight. No charging is allowed. Pilots renting after hours must keep a credit card on file for payment. Renters must pay a minimum of 3 hours for every 24-hour period the aircraft is rented. 3hr minimum may not apply to all aircraft.
    3. Flights cancelled not due to weather with less than a 12-hour notice may be charged to the renter. Renters who are more than 15 minutes late and haven’t called may forfeit their scheduled aircraft and will be charged 1 hour aircraft rental. Dual students who cancel not due to weather, have until 2 hours prior to their scheduled appointment to cancel without being charged a no-show fee. Dual students who cancel less than 2 hours prior to their appointment or arrive 15 minutes late without calling will be charged for 1 hour of instruction. **no show fee is 1 hour of instruction**
    4. All pilots are required to verify Hobbs and Tach times before and after each flight. Although Lake Elmo Aero, LLC makes every effort to ensure compliance, the pilot in command is responsible (per the FAR’s) for determining that the flight will not exceed any required maintenance inspections such as annual, pitot-static, ELT, or AD compliance. Logbooks will be made available upon request.
    5. After each flight, the renter pilot is responsible securing the aircraft. This includes ensuring the master switch is turned off. A $50.00 charge will be applied to your account for failure to accomplish this.
    6. Renters are expected to make every effort to safely return the aircraft within the scheduled time. If revenue is lost as a result of a non-weather, or a non-maintenance related delay the renter will be billed for the lost revenue. If some situation does not permit the timely return of the aircraft, call Lake Elmo Aero, LLC as soon as possible at (651)-777-1399.
    7. Lake Elmo Aero, LLC maintains insurance on all rental aircraft. A $10,000 deductible must be paid by the renter in the event damage to the aircraft occurs. Rental Insurance information is available upon request.
    8. Fuel Reimbursement: A fuel receipt must be presented by any person seeking reimbursement for fuel costs. The amount of reimbursement will vary based on current LEA fuel rates.
    9. A minimum of 3 hours per day will be charged on overnight rentals. Some aircraft, which average greater than 3 hours of flight per day, will require prior arrangement to determine a daily minimum.
    10. All Federal aviation regulations must be adhered to. Any damage that occurs as a result of a violation may not be covered by insurance and will be the sole responsibility of the renter. The insurance company may pay the claim and seek reimbursement from the renter.
    11. No dual instruction may be given in Lake Elmo Aero, LLC aircraft by anyone other than Lake Elmo Aero, LLC Flight instructors.
    12. Only charted airports with paved runways may be used, with the exception of those listed in the Lake Elmo Aero Safety Policies and Procedures Manual. Any damage to the aircraft as a result of landing on a non-paved surface or a closed runway (except in an emergency) will be the sole responsibility of the renter. The renter will also be billed $50 for each day that the aircraft is down while repairs are being made.
    13. It is the renter's responsibility to ensure that the destination airport has adequate maintenance services in case of mechanical failure. Mechanical failures caused by the renter are the responsibility of the renter. Any unexpected mechanical failure is the responsibility of LEA. All maintenance must be pre-authorized by Lake Elmo Aero, LLC or it may become the responsibility of the renter.
    14. Only the renter is permitted to fly the aircraft. Any damage caused by another person flying the aircraft is the sole responsibility of the renter as there will be no insurance coverage in that event.
    15. It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure that the aircraft is secured at all times. If a renter chooses to fly a rental aircraft to another airport, all costs will be the sole responsibility of the renter. Lake Elmo Aero will not reimburse pilots for ancillary expenses of a cross-country flight, including landing, hangar, or ramp fees, except for the fuel process listed in #8.
    16. Weather policy: If inclement weather is expected (including thunderstorms, hail, or winds exceeding 30kts), the aircraft must be stored in a hangar. If the outdoor temperature is forecast to be below 40 F, the aircraft’s Tanis heater must be plugged in or the aircraft must be stored in a heated hangar. De-icing must be approved by Lake Elmo Aero before application.
    17. Unless prior arrangement with an instructor has been made, all student pilots must have had dual instruction within the previous two weeks in order to fly solo.
    18. All student pilots must have each solo flight approved by a Lake Elmo Aero, LLC flight instructor. Weather Minimums for student solo flight are listed below:
    • Traffic Pattern                        2,000 ft. ceilings and 7 statute miles visibility 
    • Local (within 10 miles)         3,000 ft. ceilings and 7 statute miles visibility 
    • Cross-country                         5,000 ft. ceilings and 10 statute miles visibility
    • Winds for students solo must be less than 15 knots with a crosswind component, not more than 7 knots

    I have read and understand all of the above terms. I understand that if I wish to make changes to this agreement it must be done prior to the flight. At all times while renting, I will adhere to the operating rules prescribed by Lake Elmo Aero, LLC and the FARs.

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    **If under 18 a separate Parent/Guardian form must be completed**

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